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2014.12.17 - Delano: Learn more about Rail4Kids

Help make holiday “unforgettable”

Fundraiser: EUMA Luxembourg needs just a bit more cash to make a mountain trip extra special for a group of disadvantaged children.

Help make holiday “unforgettable”Ready to go
Photo(s) : Caritas Jeunes & Familles and Institut Saint Joseph

The European Management Assistants Association (EUMA) has secured enough funds to buy sun block for 40 disadvantaged children during their special winter trip, but the professional group still hopes to raise a bit more cash to help make the vacation “unforgettable”.

As part of its 40th anniversary celebrations, EUMA Luxembourg is supporting the “Rail 4 Kids Snow” project run by the Benelux branch of French train operator SNCF and the NGO Caritas Luxembourg. Rail 4 Kids Snow will send the children aged 8 to 13 on a ski holiday at the Domaine du Val Ubaye in the French Alps from 28 December 2014 until 3 January 2015.

Last Thursday at Ikki in Clausen “about 170 people” attended the group’s presentation of “sun cream for every child” and “an additional donation of €500 for further equipment,” EUMA’s Jane Barton told Delano following the event. The funds came from group members and donations from members of the public.

Yet the EUMA members would like to underwrite a special outing, such as heading to the cinema, during the holiday.

“The children will be leaving very soon and although the trip itself has been fully financed we would still like to provide a little more money to enable the group to enjoy a few activities whilst they are away,” said Barton. “We must not forget that these children do not have access to the same benefits as our children; for them even a hot chocolate is barely within their means.”

For more information and to contribute, contact kondrat_sonia@hotmail.com or check the EUMA Luxembourg website.

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