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2015.06.30 - Delano: EUMA Luxembourg is getting involved

Colour for kids

Getting involved: This group of management assistants wants to take 13 kids on a super fun run.

Colour for kidsJane Barton and Marie Ingvarsdottir
Photo(s) : Mike Zenari

European Management Assistants (EUMA) in Luxembourg, a professional networking organisation, are taking a group of disadvantaged children to a popular summer outing and are hoping that additional sponsors will ensure it is truly a day to remember.

EUMA is working with Caritas Jeunes et Familles and Institut Saint-Joseph, two charities, to host youth home residents for the “Color Run” held at Lake Echternach on 18 July.

Thirteen children and nine carers from Kannerhaus Yakary in Rumelange, in the

south of Luxembourg, will take part in the 5km fun run where the emphasis is placed on collaboration, happiness and enjoyment rather than exceptional performance. At each kilometre mark, participants enter a “Color Zone” where they are sprayed randomly with cornflour-based coloured paint. It culminates

in the finishing festival, where participants can eat, dance and socialise at the most “colourful after-party on the planet.”

“It’s a great opportunity for the children to be part of something they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to experience,” explains Jane Barton of EUMA. “We hope that it will be something they can be proud of taking part in.”

The Color Run is a global initiative founded in 2011 to promote healthiness, happiness and individuality. In 2014, there were more than 300 events in over 50 countries worldwide. This will be the third successive year that the run has taken place in the Grand Duchy.

The Kannerhaus Yakary is one of two children’s residential homes in Luxembourg supported by Caritas Jeunes et Familles. It provides children aged 3 to 13 with a secure and nurturing environment.

Real opportunity for the kids

In a country as wealthy as Luxembourg, the gap between the rich and poor is continually increasing and many of the children do not have the opportunity to take part in activities that their peers often take for granted, says the group. “Many of the children may not have even been to Echternach [40km northeast of the capital] before,” Jane adds, “so this is a really fantastic day-out for them.”

EUMA started supporting Caritas last year when it raised funds for the “Rail 4 Kids Snow” project, which sent 40 children to the Swiss Alps over the new year holiday.

At the beginning of April, they delivered Easter eggs to the Kannerhaus and had the opportunity to spend time with the children and carers there. It was during this visit that EUMA proposed the idea of the Color Run to the home’s staff.

“A colleague at work participated with their daughter in 2014 and said it was great fun,” explains Marie Ingvarsdottir of EUMA. “It just seemed to be such a great event happening locally in Luxembourg and one that all the children would enjoy, so we were delighted when Kannerhaus Yakary wanted to take part.”

Whilst EUMA will ultimately fund the outing via contributions from their members, they would be grateful for any additional type of sponsorship. This could be in the form of monetary donations, transport to and from the event or even underwriting “lunch boxes” for the children. Marie says: “The more donations we receive, the more possibilities we can offer the children.”

For more information or to support EUMA, please email jane.barton@mindforest.com or mhjingvarsdottir@gmail.com.

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