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2015.09.07 - Delano: Catching up on Rail4Kids

A fantastic trip to Paris

Getting involved: “Rail4Kids” took some underprivileged youngsters to the French capital, writes Jane Barton.

A fantastic trip to ParisSoggy under the Eiffel tower
Photo(s) : EUMA Luxembourg

After the success of their participation in the recent Color Run, Caritas Jeunes et Familles Luxembourg and EUMA Luxembourg had another surprise in the context of the “Rail4Kids” project in store. Rail4Kids is a project launched by Voyages-sncf in Belgium and in Luxembourg with the cooperation and support of SNCF-approved travel agencies in the whole of Belgium. This time they decided to give a group of about one hundred youngsters--24 from Luxembourg--the chance to spend two days in Paris visiting the sights and having a lot of fun.

They travelled to the French capital in style by TGV and then embarked on a guided tour of the city by bus before transferring to one of the famous “Bateau Mouche” for a trip down the Seine. In the course of these two days they saw many well-known attractions in the course of their stay, but of course the Eiffel Tower was a highlight, as was a visit to the world famous Musée Grévin wax  museum, where they recognised many famous faces.

The weather may not have been very good, but no one let this get them down, as they were all far too busy making the most of this wonderful excursion. Needless to say the TGV journey home was pretty quiet, as many could no longer keep their eyes open--if you gauge the success of an event in terms of happy faces, then this was undoubtedly a huge success!

The Rail4Kids project aims to give underprivileged youngsters the chance to enjoy things, which we all take for granted--even if the 2015 edition has now come to an end, the instigators of this good cause already have a lot more ideas and plenty more surprises in store for children, who don’t have as much good fortune as others.

Jane Barton sits on the board of the professional networking group European Management Assistants Luxembourg.

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