European Management Assistants (EUMA) was founded in 1974 and is now represented in 29 countries with over 2000 members. Luxembourg followed 19 years later, when Maria Ibald set up the new branch & remained chairman until 1997. Today the association has members in Europe as well as in Turkey & Russia.

EUMA Luxembourg is a multilingual group of Management Assistants, who benefit from a professional network to exchange ideas, information and services, whilst also playing an active role in the Luxembourg business community. Our members work for the managing directors of a wide range of big international and national companies.

Monthly events (conferences, visits, social gatherings and training sessions) are organized in Luxembourg as a means of promoting management assistants’ professional development and practices. These activities provide a great opportunity to meet and network with local professional and business partners. EUMA Luxembourg also believes very strongly in making a real contribution to the local community through collaboration with various partners (Voyages SNCF, Travel Pro American Express, Mapfre,…) and local charitable organizations.

The Association also aims to develop and promote European cross-cultural relationships through the exchange of ideas and practices among European professionals, the organization of international events, both cultural and business related and by providing support for members, who wish to work in other European countries represented in the Association. The professional journal of the association, Pro-Active, is issued three times a year providing useful information linked to the annual training topic.

An Executive Committee is responsible for the efficient and effective day-to-day running of the Association, but the Association is governed by the Annual General Meeting and is administered by the Full Council, which represents the national branches. The Council meets twice a year, in Spring and in Autumn, in a different member country; the event combines administrative tasks with training sessions and interesting speakers.

Under the increase of international interest, the association looks towards the future and becomes international: EUMA becomes IMA (International Management Assistants) on February 1st.


The program is being planned for 2017!!!!